There are a few ways that a case can resolve under New Jersey workers' compensation law.  This first way is commonly called "Section 20."  That refers to a clause in the New Jersey workers' compensation statute and means that the case is closed forever and can never be re-opened for any reason.  However, if a case resolves as an order approving settlement or a judgement, meaning you went to court and the judge ruled in your favor, the case can be re-opened.  You can file for the case to re-examined within 2 years of your last payment if need more medical care or have an increased material disability.    This is a very important right that every injured worker needs to know about.  For example, if you hurt your back on the job and settle your case but the condition deteriorates over time, you may need more time away from work and money for medical bills.  You have the right to receive both but will need a good attorney to make sure your rights are protected.    Call Manfred Ricciardelli 877-360-0183  for more information if you or a loved one has been injured on the job.

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